Everyone wants to be a Boss! I personally found that if you want to be a Boss, you have to start with self…look within you and organize your life. I am on a journey to eat and feed many. I don’t want to just be a Boss, I am here to inspire Bosses to do their craft. Don’t stress out about the time it takes to get there. The important question is...are you working towards anything at all. I suffer from procrastination not because I’m lazy but because I get nervous it’s not going to work out. If you are like me, I have noticed that working through my nervousness is key. Press through and don’t worry about if it’s working now or not, just keep at it. You will get to the result you want if you keep going.


Today’s look is all about being the type of “Boss” you want to be. I aspire to wear pajamas as luxury clothes all the days of my life…that’s my Boss move. My robe was a thrift find that I wear as a coat or a duster. This is the first time I wore it as a shirt. My pants are Sheer pants that go with another set and the shoes are from Charlotte Ruse. The necklace is a necklace that broke and I reworked it. As you can see I like to show a lil skin but that’s also MY Boss move!

Music: The Carters, “Boss”

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