I can do anything...if I just start! Often we find ourselves inspired but not provoked. Being inspired can just be given an idea of something to do however being provoked is to be pushed to do something. I have been somewhere in the middle of the two. I understand my perspective and what I want to do but if I get too into what others are doing, I lose the feeling of inspiration. Instead, I feel unaccomplished and less than. No, it isn’t true that I’m less than in reality but it’s true if I allow it to be. Everything in your life you create...the good and the bad which can be altered by you. If you are truly “Nice” don’t let your current circumstances make you see yourself differently. Every day won’t be amazing but how you feel about that determines everything.

Jay-Z said, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” You would do and create anything you wanted to…well do it! Listen we are in this together. One day this blog will be a huge platform and you will have gone off and created whatever your heart desires. It will happen because BOTH of us are going after what we want...TOGETHER! We won’t stress about the process, the work, the “failures”...just the goal! With that being said, don’t feel like you should submit to the “norm” in order to be noticed or accepted. Follow the universe and your instincts, don’t be swayed away from the ideas you know is right. Over time people will catch up. I have noticed that if you stop and switch up, you later see someone getting credit/respect for doing what you started. The difference is they kept going and you stopped.


Speaking of being “Nice” and doing anything you want…that is always my choice for style. It’s the last week of June, the month of Pride Happy Pride lovies. The weather in June is up and down during L.A. days. Which is code for bring a jacket and that dress will definitely require pants if you aren’t in direct sunlight or at nighttime. Since I always run cold because I’m cold blooded this applies to me, lol. See what I did there? No, okay…anyway since I’m always cold I wear layers. Today’s layers consist of a Duster that I got from my Mom, a Vintage dress from an NYC vintage store and pants with splits in them. The pants are from some random fast fashion store in Cleveland and the shoes are Go Jane. Remember you can do anything because YOU’RE “Nice” at what you do.


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