No need to ask about me…I already know you know. Well if you don’t let’s talk…I’m Brio and all I do is be myself. That would consist of watching reruns, thrifting and trying to only create what is real to me while provoking my fellow abstract to obtain their own vision.
Sure it’s hard but in order to be heard, you have to make a sound which is a metaphor for creating. I don’t like to do the “right” things all the time. Take today, for instance, I definitely procrastinated on a number of things. I know how important it is to go after what I want but I’m discouraged. Well maybe discouraged isn’t the right word…I’m feeling disconnected. When I feel like this I have to ask myself, “What have you been allowing in your world”? Hmmm let’s see…Procrastination, aiding distractions and fear + reading all the negativity going on in the world. June has had some UPS and as the month went on some unfortunate events have transpired. It left me feeling fragmented and these emotions are things we all deal with.

Somedays we are 100% and other days it feels like June 2018. Don’t beat yourself up, take your journey to your dreams a day at a time. Allow those days that you are off to remind yourself that you will be who you were born to be. You already have what you need to conquer and all of the connections they will happen. It still solely based on the work and the beliefs you have towards things…that works for good and bad things. Stay on top of it by doing your craft or goal even when you don’t feel like it.

Since the weather has been matching the energy of June in LA. I had to dress light and covered. My only way to do that is with robes and silk PJ pants which are both vintage items from the thrift. I stand for this look and it’s what my legacy will/is based upon (vintage robes and PJ’s). I wore the blue pumps again and my glasses are from a Brooklyn thrift store.
Be kind to yourself and do the work…


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