God’s plan? Let’s talk about it…God is definitely showing me some favoritism and I am not complaining. That doesn’t mean everything is perfect…actually, it’s the complete opposite. The hard days are just as important if not more important than the good days. I have a few things in the works. The process is overwhelming at times but each day something new is added. I am getting new information, connections, and opportunities.

Every day isn’t going to feel good and everyone that cares about you deeply will understand…initially. It’s no one’s responsibility to catch your vision fully but keep working. Keep following the plan and watch, you will be doing exactly what you always wanted. If you have been reading my blog for a while, it may sound repetitive. The reason is the first few steps are the hardest and you have to go back to do them often. Here they are again…

1) Discover your passion
2) Start (whatever and wherever you are.. just start)
3) Make a plan
4) Believe it will work!
I am not where I plan on being but I’m working God’s plan. Coincidentally HIS plan is my plan…it’s coming together.
Speaking of God and his plans, it’s is sizzling hot in LA. However, I wanted to throwback to cooler times. This look is a vintage Army Fatigue jacket and Pants. The jacket is from L Train Vintage in Brooklyn and the pants are from a thrift store in Cleveland Ohio called, “Value World”. I love both of these stores…they always come through! The shoes I bought on sale at Go Jane and the jewelry is a mix of Vintage with Contemporary. Just like life, sometimes the perfect outfit takes time to come together.


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