The haunt of a Dream

How?! How to start over? How do I get the momentum AGAIN? I have stopped before and I have “taken breaks” but I am never content when I’m not doing my’s haunting me. Nothing feels as good as when I’m not actively doing “Amp”.

If I know all this why would I ever stop…well because I fell prey to my old habits. Those habits being doubt, fear, concern that someone will see. Or worst they might want further explanation of what I do or say. I feel better tucked off, yet my spirit feels trapped because part of my expression of art is showcasing. I have to be in the public eye and I have to step out of my comfort zone. When I started “Amp” I blocked out everything and just did it consistently. Year two came and I felt like I had to focus on everything I ignored. Why because even though this is a form of therapy…I want money and I want a platform to help others overcome what I feel being a creative means. I’m certain I’m not the only with these experiences.
Also, I know that by me being brave I encourage others. So back to the question! How do you do it? You choose your Art over fear. Fear = hate, rather self-hate or hate from outsiders. If its hate from within, you have to deal with it. If it’s outside hate you just ignore it. To obtain success, you must understand mind over matter. What you believe is more relevant than your current situation.

Have you ever had an idea but was too fearful to act on it? Has a similar idea surfaced but it was done by some else? If the answer is YES, there is a reason for that. One reason is we are ALL creatives and the universe calls us to an idea but only a few choose to overcome their fear to obtain success. The other reason is proof that you, my dear were onto something. It’s a sign from the universe to ACT on your ideas. I have had many ideas that I’m seeing and they are making others millions. Now that I’m an adult I had to ask myself a question…when are you just going to dive in? I choose now and I want to dive in now. I really don’t have much of a choice.
Now that that’s clear, let’s talk fashion:
This look is all about me saying okay “why not fully be myself”. My shirt is a vintage pearl top. My pants are vintage PJ pants from my grandma that I rolled up and belted. The shoes are from Go Jane.
P.S. Thanks for reading my rededication to my Art. I have been gone for a while, so expect longer post for about a week.

                                                                                                               Music: BEYONCE HAUNTED

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