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It’s Our Time

People love to say, “It’s their time” but go do you know? You know it’s your time when no matter what goes “wrong”, the solution follows right after. You know it’s your time because you finally realize YOUR POWER. You know it’s your time when people start to inform you of your accomplishments. The real defining moment is when YOU decide it is. Most people experience their time once they decide to be all in!

Jump in, before you know it, you will get to where you want. Your soul will be your compass. Your instincts will direct you if you really listen to them. “Do it anyway”…no matter what comes up, choose to accomplish your goals. I can be really repetitive but everything I’m saying is so true. I know because I live this. I don’t always “feel like it” or “want to” but every time I start and keep going I accomplish my goal. Just do it.
The Muse fashion:
It’s always my time to dress how I like. If you are new welcome! I’m Brio and I love to wear Pajamas... fashionably. If I’m not wearing lingerie fully, it can possibly be found somewhere in the look. This look is no exception. This set is vintage and I found it at a thrift store in Cleveland. My favorite thrift store is, “Value World”. My bra was actually given to me by my mom…she never wore it. What is funnier about it, is its Vintage Victoria Secret and it’s so my style. I’m sure she didn’t intend on it to be my shirt but hey...
It’s your time to be you...unapologetically YOU!
Music: Johnny P, “It’s Our Time”


      You Matter


What’s poppin’???
Ain’t nobody gonna do it better than you! You have to be your motivation…your growth and success has to be your main focus. You MUST be the initiator until your dreams become your reality. It’s not healthy to always need others to do for you. Now with that being said, you have to know how to build a good team. Everything in life is about balance.
Ask yourself some real questions:
1) Are you procrastinating (making excuses). Even if it’s a good excuse, it is STILL is an excuse. You having a day job can’t be an excuse. Whatever you want in life, you have to go after no matter what. People make time for what they care about. 2) Are you self-doubting? STOP! Stop being mean to are dope. Figure out why your dope if you don’t know why. Just because you haven’t “made it” yet, does not mean you never will and only you can stop you. 4) Have you surrendered to the process? This question seems the hardest. However, once you have answered 1-3 it’s the easiest. Partner with your higher self and accomplish everything you were born to do. Okay I hear you…how do I surrender to my dreams? 1) You express your gratitude for how far you have come. 2) You pay attention and take notes of why it didn’t work before. 3) You use those notes and fix what didn’t work and keep what did work. 4) You never stop striving for your goal. A break isn’t quitting, it’s taking a rest so you can come back stronger.

The Muse look:
Try to tell me I can’t, it’s the mood and ESSENCE of my life. Can’t you see it with this look? It was very hot but I was feeling “fly uncle” tease. I live for a blouse and I live even harder for a pajama-blouse-tied-into-a-crop-top. In case you were wondering, yes it Vintage/thrifted. The linen pants are from Joie. In the summer my great uncles always had silk dress shirts and/or linen suits. I always love that…hence the tease I’m serving. It wouldn’t be Abstract B.K.A. BRIO if I didn’t pay homage and switch the same time.
Listen ABSTRACTS you can make yourself proud by believing in action...start now don’t wait on anyone’s stamp of approval. STOP “working towards” your goal and start achieving your goals!

Note to Self

      Note To Self

In My Blood 

Sometimes I don’t feel 100% but don’t we all? The most important thing is what you do when you DO feel 100%. Do you turn to a vice that will lead to more issues? Or do you decide that giving up isn’t an option? I seem to always find myself trying again, it is where I find my sanity. I pick my art back up and start creating.
A huge issue that a lot of people struggle with is, “feeling good”. We as humans like to feel good. We like to feel good about; our choices, life experiences, etc. and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. However, you aren’t going to feel “good” about everything…sometimes you have to do it away. Do what you know you have to do anyway, this will always lead to better things. It will lead you to feel better, creating better and actually experiencing the good again.
Speaking of experiencing the good, it feels good to be able to wear jeans and lingerie tops…it still isn’t too cold. The top is an unknown Vintage lingerie Top and I paired it with a vintage Victoria Secret. My denim jeans are from Joie and the shoes are from Go Jane.
It might not always feel good but create anyway. You have something to share…We all need you!
Shawn Mendes: “In My Blood”

Don’t Let!

      Don't Let !

Breathin through

Hey Abstract? When is the last time you took a deep breath? Before a few days ago it had been a long time for me. I was so off…provoked but too defeated to breath. Imagine you are driving to a destination…that particular destination you have heard about or maybe even you passed previously.  However, you’re very unsure about how to get there.You put the directions in your GPS and since you think you kinda know the neighborhood, you are relaxed. Instead of listening to the GPS you get lost in your thoughts and now you are lost. You still don’t want to listen to the GPS, instead you “think” you know how to get there. You are wrong, you continue and before you know it you are not only lost you are defeated. Besides your opinion about yourself, you are provoked to get back on track. You have to breathe and say I gotta get to where I need to be.
Well, that short story/metaphor sums up the journey I am on to my dreams. Lately, I have really been provoked…in this instance it’s not a negative. According to Google; to be provoked is to stimulate or give rise to (a reaction or emotion, typically a strong or unwelcome one) someone. My provoker was not someone else it was something I love. It was my dream, my destiny, my need to fulfill my purpose. This week I have been using words that typically have a negative connotation. Words, like haunted or provoked…these two verbs, have been very present in my life. My dreams have been doing these very verbs. They have NOT been inspiring me or motivating me. No! They have been haunting me and provoking me to have action.

Many are called few are chosen, for many years I thought I knew what that meant. There are only a few who have answered the call of their purpose. WE ALL HAVE A PURPOSE…so that’s not so. Here is a simple explanation, Call=purpose, and Chosen=destined. To be chosen means even if they don’t want to answer...destiny isn’t going away. When you are chosen you can’t be content working for someone else. You aren’t content volunteering your talents. You aren’t content doing it on a small scale. You also aren’t content not doing it every day all day. See when you are in fact chosen, it’s not that you don’t want to work a 9a-5p, it’s that you can’t. It’s not that you don’t want it to do your favorite things as a hobby. It is your life and you MUST do it all day every day. You can’t give your time to anything that isn’t that talent, that Art…that Dream! Why, because you are chosen.

Okay let me calm down, I did get a little excited. When I was gone I wasn’t in a creative rut, I wasn’t experiencing depression or even something milder like self-petty. I was going the wrong way thinking I knew the right way and was NOT listening to my GPS to get rerouted. Currently, my life is really good. I’m at another new day job, I make more money and I have more benefits which are really cool. BUT in all my newness I experience being provoked. Why because my GPS (God/purpose) is yelling at me (provoking me) to get to my destination (Dreams).
When you read this I hope you get me. I’m am expressing that you know you have switched from being called into being chosen when you can’t do anything but accomplish your dreams. When not one set back will stop you. When no matter how many times you fail you get back to it. When no matter how many times you reroute, you still keep driving until you reach your destination. The few that are chosen have some choices to make first. So always start by breathing.
Vintage: Scarf, blazer and pajama shorts.
Contemporary: Jessica Simpson shoes, Céline glasses and Charming Charlie earrings

MUSIC:Ariana Grande: Breathin Through


      Starting With Trust

Get out the way

I won’t let you get in the way. I can’t let my emotions, my energy, and focus get in the way. I have things to do! Okay, let me explain a little more…often in life, we get distracted by default responses. Typically I do this and usually, I’m this way…if those ways are negative then it’s an issue. They are getting in the way of what you should be focused on. I cannot let my love/comfort with my bad habits get in the way of my purpose. I have rewritten this post 20 times, partly because I’m distracted. I don’t like to do anything if I’m not 100% feeling it…that’s not productive. You will never be 100% all the time. You have to be selfless and create because you will always feel better after you accomplish your goal.

Get out of your own way, there are more promises outside of your comfort zone. Also, it’s not a positive habit to be comfortable with just dreaming and no action…that doesn’t feel good. Sure you don’t like when things aren’t perfect but nothing can be. You are going to regret more that you didn’t try, then if you actually tried but don’t half do it. Keep going and after a while, the fire will ignite. Sure, you may not be where you want to be. Sure, you may not have all the things you want. That can’t be your focus, your focus has to be BUT I will have!
This is look is all about creating something new with what you have and not letting your thinking get in the way. The “dress” is actually a blouse and the necklace was passed down to me from my MeMaw (grandma). The shoes are about 10+ years old from Aldo and my belt is so vintage Gap. Get out of your own way and trust your vision!


      Calculating Time