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Welcome to a new day. Some days are happy and others are not so much…it’s called life. When you experience that low moment in your day, it doesn't mean the whole day is bad. I'm having that kind of day. It's not bad but I have a lot of feelings…I'm still adjusting to Los Angles. I'm also working hard to plan my next move in life. I plan on taking AMP to a new level in the New Year. Relocating is a funny thing, you are in a new place and you have a new start. Sometimes that Fresh START... feels like you are starting over. For some people that is exactly what they want. For me I didn't need to start over, I needed to move to another level in life. I didn't completely understand that a new level requires things. It comes with a host of emotions, it comes with phases and not everything is perfect or easy. It's often a mess but you figure it out and you make it happen…don't stress over the process. Look at the positives that come from each situation and know you can't go back in time. The only thing you can do is to not recreate those same mistakes. Learn from your experiences and move forward. 
Ironically the day that I shot this look, I was experiencing similar feelings. It was right before I moved to LA. I had a long to-do-list and a real talent for procrastination. There was a point where I took control and I said I'm going to get this done. I'm was going to shoot as many looks as I could before I moved. Now this particularly shooting day it was getting dark and I needed to still shoot my 3rd look. So I picked a cute little Mexican restaurant and I also needed to celebrate Taco Tuesday. That experience taught me the Art of creating right where you are. It showed me to create the story, your way. 
Originally when I styled this look I didn't plan a Mexican restaurant vibe…it worked so well though. The top is actually a vintage robe, the shoes are Jessica Simpson and the scarf is also vintage. The glasses are from “Friends”, a vintage store in NYC. 
ABstracts you can make it through anything today and every day. In the words of Rebel Rae "MY YESTERDAY HAS NO HOLD ON TOMORROW"!